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Ovarian reserve tests










Various tests are available for ovarian reserve,  like basal Follicle Stimulating Hormone (early follicular phase - day 2-5 of the menstrual cycle), inhibin A and B, anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), antral follicle count, ovarian volume, clomiphene citrate challenge test, exogenous Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) ovarian reserve test. Since FSH changes throughout the menstrual cycle, it needs to be measured on day 2-4 of the cycle. Whereas, AMH, can be measured at any time during the menstrual cycle. 

Ovarian reserve tests can predict the response to ovarian stimulation during IVF.  Both AMH and antral follicle count have good predictive value for response to ovarian stimulation during IVF.  However, they are quite limited in their accuracy to predict the chances of spontaneous conception. Hence their usefulness in routine tests for infertility is limited.  

What is AMH and what is its impact on fertility?


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